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remember the kid who voiced Nemo on Finding Nemo?


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whoa! someone hit puberty ;)

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I’m Finally Happy.

So far, this year has been better than the past two years. I’m somewhat very happy being independent and alone. I feel like this year is actually a new me. I’ve never actually felt this free before. Although I’m very alone and to myself, whenever I’m down or upset, I know there’s someone I trust that I can vent to or talk to. I’m just happy I’ve finally accepted and love the people around me. I don’t need so many friends, just a few who I can trust. My family is my backbone. Without any of them I’d die out of boredness (or most likely die). Along the way, I’ve lost some people who were precious to me but sometimes the some of the most precious things are the things you didn’t need the most. Whether it was an ex boyfriend or a group of friends. I’m glad the people around me are happy and that’s the best thing I could be given. I’m seriously just happy. Happy that I’m Finally Happy.

Cheating is not an accident.


Falling off a bike is an accident. You don’t trip and fall into a vagina.

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Do you love quotes? Well, this blog is for you


my son took this pic :’(

:’( U set the standard real high bruh!! Damn!!
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“I’m a puzzle with a billion pieces & It’s hard to understand me. Take me as a masterpiece or leave me cause I wasn’t easy enough for you… Because sweetie if you think I don’t meet your expectations then clearly you don’t meet my standards.” - Belle Lee

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phostainsonmyshirt said: Hey jaymouaa! Y u have same title as me -.-

you copied me

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sobanooo said: Do you have kik? :D

Nope I don’t .